gail webster staff

Gail Webster

Probably the first person to greet you either on the phone or when you arrive at the airport will be Gail. All of the scheduling and coordination of the office and airport activity is done by her. Off season, Gail is a ski instructor. She's a very active person and loves all kinds of outdoor activities.


rick hanson staff

Rick Hanson

Rick is a commercial pilot in single and multi-engine airplanes, single engine seaplanes, and gliders.  He holds an instrument rating along with several Type ratings, and is a CFI and CFIG.  Rick has logged more than 8500 flight-hours including more than 4000 hours as a flight instructor.  He currently resides in Warren, VT.

tim larsen staff

Tim Larsen

Tim Larsen, a commercial glider pilot and CFIG, is one of our part-time glider instructors.  Tim started out flying powered aircraft, but once he switched to gliders in 1990, he never went back,  has been flying gliders non-stop ever since.  He has logged over 1800 flight hours, and has flown all over the US, including Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Alabama, and North and South Carolina.  Tim resides in Moretown, VT.

mark bigelow staff

Mark Bigelow

Mark Bigelow, a commercial glider pilot and CFIG, is one of our glider instructors.  He started flying gliders at Sugarbush in the 1990’s, and has logged over 800 flight hours.  Mark resides in Warren, VT for part of the year, and spends the other part in Pennsylvania or in Cape May, NJ.

graham ramsden staff

Graham Ramsden

Graham joined the club in 1999, and has logged over 800 hours of flight time (700 in gliders).  When not instructing or giving rides, he floats around the sky in his LS-4.  Graham spends his summers in Vermont.  The rest of the year he works as a college professor at Creighton University in Nebraska.

steve platt staff

Steve Platt

Steve is a commercial pilot in single engine airplanes, single engine seaplanes, and gliders.  He holds an Instrument rating and is a Certified Flight Instructor for airplanes, instruments, and gliders.  He has logged over 4000 flight-hours including over 2000 hours as a flight instructor.  He is a retired IBM Engineering Manager and resides in Warren, VT adjacent to the Warren-Sugarbush Gliderport.

jen stamp staff

Jen Stamp

Jen is a commercial pilot in single engine airplanes and gliders. She holds an Instrument rating and is a Certified Flight Instructor for airplanes, instruments, and gliders. She is nearing 1000 total flight hours, about 200 of which have been spent giving instruction in gliders. When not instructing or giving rides, she works as a biologist in Montpelier. Jen resides in Brookfield, VT..

tom anderson staff

Tom Anderson

Tom is a commercial pilot in gliders, single engine airplanes and seaplanes with an airline transport pilot rating in multi-engine aircraft with multiple type ratings. He is a flight instructor with a CFI-II-MEI-G. Tom has logged more than 12,000 flight hours in many different types of flying and aircraft, with over 1,800 hours of flight instruction given. He is also one of our tow plane pilots. Tom lives in Brookfield, Vermont with his wife Jen who is also an instructor pilot at Sugarbush Soaring.


john tracy staff

John Tracy

John became our primary tow pilot in 2009. He has tons of experience flying crop dusters in the Midwest and bush planes up in Alaska. Others helping out with the tow operation include Frank Waller and Chris Clarke. Ron Webster, Bob Messner and Rick Gehlert have responsibility for the care and feeding of our two Piper Pawnee tow planes.


bill stinson staff

Bill Stinson

Bill is the former airport manager and chief pilot for Sugarbush Soaring and has been flying with Sugarbush since the club began. He is now the Pilot Examiner for the New England Region of the FAA. With more than 6600 hrs of flying and over 11,000 sailplane flights plus a Single Engine Land and Instrument rating. The Pilot Examiner is the one that passes the final judgment of a student flying abilities and works closely with all Instructors to be sure that the standards of safety are being met. Bill resides in Waitsfield with Millie his wife in a home they built in an old Sugarbush.


ian clarke staff

Ian Clarke

Ian is a commercial glider pilot who has been a member of Sugarbush Soaring since 2011 as a youth line crew member. He started flying at eight years old at the Philadelphia Glider Council and soloed at age 14. He is currently pursuing his CFI-G at Sugarbush along with power plane ratings via the Civil Air Patrol. When not flying, he is competing around the world as a road bike racer in the summer and a ski mountaineer racer in the winter. He is a Sophomore at the University of Vermont studying Community Entrepreneurship.

jessica storey staff

Jessica Storey

The Warren Airport restaurant has reopened! Meet Jessica Storey, who is running our new "Glide Cafe." She will be at the airport Friday - Sunday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, serving breakfast and lunch. On Sundays she'll offer a brunch menu, so please stop by and enjoy the food, company and views. You may already know Jessica, since she's been a familiar face at the Warren Store for years.